Evidence for the Name

Study and determine for yourselves

Sing to Al, make music to His Name; extol He Who rides upon the highest heavens, with His Name YAH, and exult before Him.

Psalms 68: 5

Lets begin with the alphabet. 

From ancient letters to modern letters.

Our alphabet that we use has gone though many changes of many many years before it looked like the alphabet that we have now. If you look at the picture below, you will see the changes that this alphabet went though it started with the Phoenicians and then was used by different cultures. These cultures made their own changes to this alphabet to make it their own. 

As you can see from the picture, the Latin language's alphabet around 500 BC was missing some letters that we use today. At different points in their history, the Romans realized that they needed these letters that they did not have, so they added them. For instance, the letters Y and Z were added in the first century BCE and the letter W was created by the German speaking areas.

Romans wrote only in uppercase or capital letters with beautifully proportioned straight lines, curves, and angles until quite later in history. Their language was just like ours, except: K, Y, and Z weren't used very often, the letter J was the same as I, U, and V.

The True Name

YAH is my strength and song. He has become my salvation. This is my God, and I will praise him; my father's God, and I will exalt him. (WEB) Exodus 15:2

Blessed is the man whom you discipline, YAH, and teach out of your law; 

(WEB) Psalms 94.12    

That they might keep his statutes, and observe his laws. Praise YAH

(WEB) Psalms 105:45


Pronunciation Yahh: 





Produces a " Y " sound, י = "Ya" as in "Yard"

Produces no sound " H " -  ה = " h " as in " Honor or Hour ".