Life -n- Peace

"Cease the time Ya'ohsharal, live now,  make now always the most precious time, now, will never come again"  -Trek

The  teaching of generations begin at home with grounded values and importance placed in the Tanach; its history, the vast richness of its statutes, and ways of the Thorah. 

To awaken Ya'ohsharal back to their heritage and way of life. Through worship and obedience of YAH'OH the Creator and His Thorah.

Latest News - Tanack

You will learn the Tanach. By reading, hearing, and applying its words in your daily living. The Tanach is the original covenant given to Ya'ohsharal. 

Team -Research

Ah, information, its importance, its effects on ones own life. Information can be a puzzle of endless wonders and possibilities yet it can also be destructive if it is not sound.

It is incumbent on us to seek out truth, facts, and history, to apply righteous knowledge and wisdom and dismiss fictions. 

Here you will have the opportunity to research for yourselves truth and history and decide for yourself which path to walk.

Nutrition - Dietary Laws

Foods, our survival depends on good nutrition and healthy habits. In a world of processed foods, we need to be extra vigilant of what we consume.

Many of our foods today are laced with chemicals, pork products, etc. Learn about how to keep the dietary Thorah as well as eating healthy. 

Our Children

Children are like little dry sponges ready to soak knowledge, expand ideas, and emulate their parents. This site will give children the opportunity to learn Tanach (Scriptures) in a story format and ask questions about YAH'OH the Creator and His word. 

Environment - Life

"Do not  judge yourselves by the adversaries you face, they are nothing compare to what's waiting for you. You are about to move into areas of thinking and understanding containing wonders more incredible that you can't possibly imagine. You may not be prepared for what awaits you, however, be resolute and be determined."  

- Trek & AbYa'oh